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Experince a new, healthier way to clean and observe hard to reach areas of the body.

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Why Eardroid?

Eardroid helps one avoid an extra trip to the doctor with damaged lining of your ear or eardrums with tools that'll help you inspect and pick without any pain or worries. If earwax touches the ear drum it can be very painful and cause muffled hearing. You can even rupture your ear drum!

  • Smart Visual Endoscope

    With our Smart Visual Endoscope you can see where and what you're doing so that you dont have any accidents and cause any temporary or permanent damage. (Android & PC)

  • 6-piece Ear Pick Set

    Our 6-piece Ear Pick Set allows you to stay nice and upright while on the run when you're out and about in the World. Coming in different shapes and sizes for the variety of people. Even coming in beautiful colored storage bags such as pink, yellow, blue, brown, and black.

  • Silicone Ear Wax Remover Tool

    The Soft Silicone Ear Wax Remover Tool comes with 16 washible spiral tips that you can wash off in the comfort of your home or anywhere for that matter. perfect replacement for q-tips that you would have to buy over and over.

  • Wireless Smart Visual Endoscope

    The Wireless Smart Visual Otoscope allows you to be on the move with a rechargable device that lets you see in and around hard to see areas of the body. This device comes in 4 colors (black, white, blue, & pink) and is also iPhone friendly.